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RISE Cowley is a coalition of like-minded organizations dedicated to making Cowley County a healthier place to live, work and play. Our communities share the traits of passion, perseverance, and pride. RISE Cowley seeks to promote healthy lifestyles by collaborating to raise awareness and encourage involvement for all residents of Cowley County.

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Rise Stands for:

Raising Awareness

Improving Health

Supporting Collaboration

Energizing Communities

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RISE Cowley in the Community

Community engagement
RISE holds space for the passion, vision, and energy of individuals, organizations, and businesses to collaborate to improve the quality of life in Cowley County.
RISE works to support and promote the efforts of local healthcare entities, including the work of the Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by William Newton Hospital, the City-Cowley County Health Department, and the Community Health Center in Cowley County.
Healthy LIfestyles
RISE encourages people to improve their lives through healthy choices and daily activity by supporting bike/trail expansion, sidewalk connections, programs, activities, and events.
Healthy Eating
RISE encourages healthy eating in the community through work with local farmers markets, campus dining/restaurant options, local food pantries, grocery access, and other projects throughout the county.

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Farmers Markets

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